About US
We Started out giving Horseback Riding Lessons and after 20 Years continue
with our Riding School for English and Western Lessons.

We saw a need to offer good quality Saddles at affordable prices and searched for
Saddle Makers who could help us in that task.

We now have a Highly Skilled Lead Craftsman who has over
30 years experience
heading up the Saddle Shop, we offer Quality while keeping Saddles Affordable.

We also have a Companion Company who offers Saddles from many Manufactures.

We have a wide variety of Horses:
We have Three Quarter Horses, a Mustang,
an Appaloosa, a Thoroughbred, a Paint,
an Appaloosa/QH Mix, an Arabian, a Belgian
and a Morgan/Tennesse Walker Mix.

Because of all the Types of Horses we have now and have dealt with
over the years, our Knowledge helps us fit you with the right Product
for your needs as well as keeping in touch with the needs and
comforts of the Horse.

A more comfortable Horse performs better.

To Reach us:

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Sincerely,  Southern Trails Saddle  


Sales Office Hours:
Monday, Friday: 9am-8pm Eastern Time
Wednesday, Saturday: 9am-5pm Eastern Time
Tuesday, Thursday: 6pm-8pm Eastern Time
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