Customer Comments
Just a note to say you made a wonderful Saddle. The T-150 saddle with semi-quarter horse bars and rounded skirt
is a good fit for my Mustang. Since he is short backed and mutton withers he was a hard fit.  I searched  all the
saddle shops locally and could not find anything that would fit him that was reasonably priced. I am now riding a
horse that doesn't come back from the trails with a sore back.  This saddle is well worth what I paid for it.
Vicky                         Vicky Purchased the # T-150 Trail Saddle

Hi, Love my new Saddle, fits my Horse and me very well, it is a favorite around the Club. I have some friends who
want one just like it.
Kasey                           Kasey Purchased the Bolten Speed Master Barrel Saddle B-155

Saddle fits beautifully! It is a beautiful thing to see and light enough for me to lift. She liked the saddle pretty
well, she seemed comfortable and went forward easily. I think we are both going to be very happy!
Thanks so much for your help with this - I'll send you a picture.
Marjorie                       Marjorie Purchased the CN-54R Round Skirt Cordura Trail Saddle

Tried the Saddle on today and it fit great. It looks gorgeous and it is light enough for me to lift onto my Horse
without straining. Thanks for your patience in helping me finding the right Saddle. I have tried several other
brands and they were either too heavy or did not fit. Your help will not be forgotten.
Elizabeth                        Elizabeth purchased the CN-54 Cordura Trail with Flex Tree

Finally opened the box today, it has gotten a little to cold to ride lately. O my gosh, was I astonished! This Saddle
is so beautiful I am afraid to ride in it, I might get it dirty. I think I will order another one and keep this one for
special occasions.......How long did it take to do the engravings? I have never seen such detail in a saddle costing
less than $2,000.00
Jennie                               Jennie purchased the T-320 Two Tone Trail Saddle

Hello Kevin...  We went to the UPS Store and picked up the saddle... It is beautiful! I really love the leather and
the craftsmanship that went into making this saddle...Also I love the deep padded seat with the rise in the front...
I have always wanted a saddle like that! I have plans to go try the saddle on Gennie today. Again, I am so
impressed with this saddle!  And talk about quick delivery! Wow.  Take care and Merry Christmas!  
Happy Trails, Ava            Ava purchased the T-200 Old Time West Trail Saddle

The saddle is made with FULL GRAIN Thoroughbred™ leather. Educate yourself on the difference between top
grain and full grain and you'll appreciate the difference. Better than the trendy Wicket & Craig, or Hermann
Oak that everyone else is touting. The fenders come naturally turned and ready to ride. There is a stitching
groove placed in advance of threading so the threads do not get worn. Leather edges are hand rubbed and not
blacked. It is evident the saddle maker wants you to enjoy the quality and does not need to dye the edges to keep
you from seeing poor quality leather. The back side of the leather is sanded smooth, something many big name
expensive makers don't take the time to do. Everything is flawless and when you lift up the skirting and jockeys
to look underneath, the top notch craftsmanship continues. I wish I could tell you the names, but on several fancy
high-priced saddles, I've lifted up these parts and saw obvious shortcuts they took, assuming you'd not notice. I
have NEVER had such good quality latigos or strings either. It's simply amazing how not a SINGLE item was
sacrificed. Where ELSE can you find a saddle this well made, with plate rigging even, for this price? Nowhere on
the planet is my guess. The shape of the cantle is a perfect contour for me. The sweptback swells hold me in
securely without looking like a huge pomel. The hand stamping is perfect. I got to choose my stamp pattern and
leather colors for the saddle. The chap leather seat, too. SO comfortable and padded (with closed cell foam) just
right over a hand shaped ground seat... just because you get a padded seat, he doesn't skip on the foundation like
many others do. Southern Trails Saddle Co. will send you tree forms to choose the best possible fit for your horse
(s). Do yourself a favor and buy one or two or three of these saddles. Save the disappointment that I had with
other saddle makers... and give your hard earned money to someone who returns high value, rather than the
bigwigs who make you wait and take shortcuts they'd never admit to. I could go on more and more but I don't
know how much room they'll allow here. Talk to Kevin, he'll fill you in!
I have bought and resold quite a few saddles from well known self-described master saddle makers around the
country. In the end I was always disappointed. Either the saddle did not fit the horse well (even with custom fitted
expensive trees that take 6 months to get built), or the supposed top quality leather didn't measure up. Plus, I
would wait for nearly a year to get the saddle. That made the disappointment all the more painful. THIS SADDLE
puts ALL the other custom makers I tried to shame. For fully HALF the price and 1/10th the time to build, the
work and quality far outshines the competition. I don't know how he does it... but I wish that everyone could have
this work of comfortable beauty between them and their horse.
Sharon                                                Purchased the Elite Series T-9010

I really love the saddle. I love the color combination I ordered and it looks great on my horse!  The seat is very
comfortable, the stirrups seem to be placed right where they should be....underneath my seat and not in front of
me!  EXCELLENT feature for an endurance saddle!!!  After a 3 hour ride, my hips and lower back do NOT hurt;
first time that's happened in a few years. The saddle is SO lightweight.  I think my horse liked that right away. It
really is nicely put together and is a very balanced saddle, which I find is getting harder and harder to find these
days.  Even the very expensive saddles aren't "balanced" real well any more.  And all for the price of an off the
shelf saddle, I got one made just like I wanted it, nicely customized to my likes and needs and got it unbelievably
Kellye                                Kellye purchased the E-54R Endurance Cordura

I rode in the saddle about four times. Twice just for a little while at home, and then on one ride for four hours at a
walk and last Friday for four hours in a horsemanship clinic (lots of trotting and loping). I am very, very happy
with the saddle, it fits me and is comfortable and more importantly it seems to fit Joe. He does not appear to have
any dry spots under the saddle which is just awesome. It was well worth the wait and I am happy that I did get it
with the horn.
Julia                                   Julia purchased the T-09 Utility Trail

I sincerely appreciate all the help that Southern Trails provided so that I could find the best fitting saddle for my
Rocky Mountain Horse. As a new owner and rider of a gaited horse, fit is crucial for a happy, comfortable and safe
mount and its rider. The knowledge you shared to help me understand my own horse, how to assess and select
saddles and their features,  and all the after sales help were nothing short of outstanding. We found the staff to
be knowledgeable and professional, and the saddle a quality product. Thank you very, very much!
Our sincere thanks to Southern Trails,
Kelly Fox & Stormy, CO    Kelly purchased the T-1402 Comfort Trail

Ok Kevin, you've done it! After riding in the saddle you made for Rita and Kelly I may have to convert to one of
your fun western saddles! My husband already gave me the go ahead as a Christmas present! I'm already trying to
decide on the colors and design! Kelly is a hard to fit paint/TW cross and easily agitated mare. She's only 14.2, but
moves big. That saddle felt like it was part of her! I was really impressed. Rita's already more confident and Kelly
is much more relaxed!
This was taken from a Post on a Large Horse Forum by Rita's Friend         Rita purchased the BC-155 Saddle

The B-155 is the best saddle ever!!!  I love it!!! Fits great! My girlfriend tried it and she loved it too. Thank you so
much! and the gentlemen that took my order was wonderful!!! The best buy I have made in a long time. Thanks
Jennifer                                Jennifer Purchased the B-155 Saddle

Just got back from another race. She took first!! I swear it's the saddle. She can move and extend freely now.
Everyone seems amazed about how our short, FAT, straighthocked cowhorse can beat the pants off their tall, long-
legged running horses. I guess it amazes me too. We hadn't seen the sun in days, and put the saddle on the horse
for the second time tonight. Still got many compliments and lots of stares and whispers about the saddle. And it's
gonna take awhile to wipe the smile off Mandy's face.
Thanks a bunch, Carol          Carol Purchased the B-264A Barrel Saddle

Sorry I took so long to let you know how I am doing with my new saddle but I had to REALLY try it out!  I have
been on a few good rides, lots of hills, water crossings and good fun....and I am so happy to tell you my saddle fits
my VERY hard to fit fjord/percheron gelding great!
I was so pleased and flattered to see my saddle on the web-site(chocolate brown w/custom tooling T-200)!
It's a beautiful saddle, fits myself and my horse comfortably, all at a reasonable price and your wonderful
attention to details made this the best saddle purchase I have ever had. The custom tooling is a beautiful tribute
to my Dad and I can't thank you enough for your help with the design!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Amy                                      Amy Purchased the T-200 Old Time West Trails Saddle

I needed to have a special saddle made for me.  Because of surgery I couldn't spread my legs very far apart to set
in a deep seated saddle.  Also, I'm very short with short legs.  
I rode the saddle in my arena Tuesday night and ranch sorting on Wednesday night.  It felt great!! Everything
seemed like it fit in the right places.
Kevin worked with me to build the perfect saddle and it works great.  I'm now do ranch sorting and trail riding in
a lot more comfort than I was with my old saddle.  With all the changes the saddle still was nice looking.  My
husband and I are very impressed with the saddle.  If we need another one, we will buy one from Southern Trails
again. Thanks for the great saddle and all the time you took working on it with me.
Debbie                                  Debbie Purchased a Modified Combination of the T-153 and R-104 Saddles

Got the saddles tonight. Tomorrow we will try them on our horses but the initial reaction is that they are
BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Dear God, what nice saddles!
Day Two: Rode the horses tonight in the new saddles. The best we have both ever been in. We are a barn with lots
of traffic and everyone who saw the saddles loved them. They could not believe the prices either for custom made
To be perfectly honest, I am the kind of person who still believes in hand made things. I would always prefer to go
to someone like you rather than give money to a chain or a giant corp.
Anyways, I will try and spread the word. There are a bunch of people here riding ******* and our saddles top
them all, only we paid half the price!
If you have someone email you from Florida who is interested in seeing a saddle before buying it, feel free to give
them my email - I would be more than happy to show it. You came through on the weight too, after ten days of
lifting a heavy saddle for my wife, finally she is able to lift her own, heh.
All in all, beautiful workmanship, pretty saddles and they fit great too. What's not to like?
Cheers, Ognen                        Ognen and his Wife Purchased the "Elite Series" R-8006 and T-8006

I was looking for a saddle for my short backed Missouri Fox Trotter. "Normal" saddles were generally too long
and the big shoulders/normal back made me nervous about buying an off the shelf saddle. I picked an "elite"
saddle for $1800 I got a saddle built to my exact specifications and fit for my horse.
Leather is thick and soft. No squeks. Stirrups are turned. Fleece is real wool and thick. Stitching is heavy gauge
and straight. Basket stamp and border stampings are straight and even. Edges are burnished. Seat is a hard seat
and it is very comfortable. Hardware is stainless and heavy duty. Off bilet, latigo, and back cinch are all top
quality. This is every bit as good as the better advertised saddles that sell in the high $2K or $3K range. In many
ways (hardware, fleece, handwork) it is better.
The best part is the saddle fits properly. No pinches, shoulder clearance is good, bar pressure is even. The whole
selection process was great. I sent pictures of the top line and some pictures taken at an angle. Kevin at Southern
Trails sent me a template by email. I printed and cut out the template and took a few more pictures with the
template on my horses back. He recommended a tree based on that. I also liked that I could get a the seat (17"),
leather, tooling, hardware, conchos, etc. however I wanted. Really no limit to what can be added or deleted from
the pictures on the website. Price adjusts up and down with whatever you select or delete.
This is really incredible quality and service for the money. If you are nervous about buying a saddle over the
internet, don't be if you are buying from these guys. I actually got better service and a better fit doing it this way
than when I tried to do it in person at a tack store. I can't wait to buy my next one from them
M. Rodriguez                         Purchased the "Elite Series" T-9450